Town & Country Orthodontics is cooking up a blog!

It’s amazing how fast and how far the Internet world of communication has come.  We at TACO have held back because we believe in personal attention and excellent customer service.  Come to find out, the digital world is a very important aspect of communication and customer service these days.  Who knew?  I guess you can call us here at Town & Country Ortho “old school” but we are always willing to learn new things to make you smile 🙂  So here we go…Town And Country Orthodontics (TACO) is finally making its debut in blogging!  Our TACO team is “cooking” up some fun topics, photos & smiles for you along the way.  Surprisingly, our team is made up of a few chefs…


You may ask why we are all in aprons?  Well, we recently enjoyed a team building event at Urban Chef!  We had a blast!  Our team can host your next dinner party or make dinner for you and your family.  The team made a scrumptious meal of crab cakes, potatoes au gratin, shrimp kabobs, filet, salad…finished with key lime pie!  Is your mouth watering? 

Image  Image

We also competed in a mystery appetizer creation using pastry dough, bacon, goat cheese and 3-5 random ingredients from the kitchen’s pantry.  Each team made a delicious appetizer that we had while cooking our meal…they may have tasted better than they looked but nobody really needs to know that ;)…and the appetizers are not pictured!  After our time of cooking, we enjoyed our meal together in the dining room.  Everything was wonderful!


Team building is an important part of Town & Country Orthodontics.  We want our team to know how to work together, communicate well and have a whole lot of fun.  As a result, we create a lasting impression on our patients and their family & friends with our awesome office environment.  We want to make your braces experience the best!

Thanks for starting the TACO Team blogging journey with us!  Bon Appetit!

Check out our website –!

*we credit the TACO acronym to one of our wonderful patient families, thank you…it has stuck and we love it!

Ciao, Dr. Carin Domann & Dr. Angela Orfanos  



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