Town & Country Orthodontics drilling for laughs…

Well, an orthodontist does not drill but an orthodontist still falls into the same stigma of jokes about being a dentist.  In a recent Reader’s Digest article, comedian Billy Crystal puts some “truth” into a rant about dentists.  Billy talks about taking the advice of his 86 year old grandmother in dentures, or as he saw it “white beauties with no cavities” that she always kept by her bedside in a glass of water 🙂 She told Billy to “Take care of your teeth!”  He makes you laugh about how the whole dental experience has changed over the years and continues the laughter about his 65th birthday celebration at the dentist.

Here are TACO’s crazy thoughts on what he had to say…First, we have one BIG correction to make about a comment in his article.  “Dentists weren’t smart enough to get into medical school” is not true…ACTUALLY, dentists were SMARTER for NOT going to medical school.  We knew what our goals were in life, and 4-7 years of school post-college sounded a whole lot better than 7-12 years…but we absolutely LOVE and are very proud of our physician friends!  Okay…the rest of the article pre & post this comment is pretty darn funny though…so let’s move on!

Billy talks about all of the experts that paraded into the room after the dentist stepped in simply to say “hello”.  The “cleaning expert”, the x-ray technician, the root canal expert, the extraction expert, etc.  The dental field is comprised of many specialists that can all work together for your dental needs and dental health.  However, it does seem like we refer you to others, or according to Billy, “farm out everything”, many times., but we have your best interest in mind.  The team at TACO (Town And Country Orthodontics) specializes in your smile – more specifically, moving teeth and creating functional and healthy smiles at any age.

What’s so odd about the picture below?!  Doesn’t everyone consider this appliance to be a normal accessory?  The patient and Dr. Carin Domann are both giving it a thumbs up!  We definitely enjoy making our patients smile throughout every aspect of their ortho treatment.  This picture may bring back memories for some of the more mature readers out there…and yes, it can still be a great appliance for the right case 🙂

ImageDental humor does make even a dental professional laugh…frankly, from a non-dental perspective, all of the dental specialties, appliances and experiences are funny when you really think about them!  Have you ever watched Bill Cosby’s stand up on dentists?  The team at TACO laughs every time!

Until next time…hope we made you smile!


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