What’s real and what’s make believe…

“All Hallow Evening” – “All Hallows Eve”…now known as Halloween!  October 31st has become one of the most popular unofficial holidays.  Retail sales boost the economy around this holiday.  Kids and even adults enjoy getting dressed up for Halloween.  And the candy, of course, is a big focus 🙂  *For those in orthodontic treatment: please stay away from sticky, chewy or hard candy 😉 *

Halloween can be a fun holiday full of make believe and pretend.  Let’s look at how the Town & Country Orthodontics team had a lot of REAL FUN while PLAYING MAKE BELIEVE in amazing costumes!


Thing 1 & Thing 2 with smiles so big and hair so blue!
Our Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, thinks Halloween is a “pagan” holiday!
What is a witch’s best school subject?
Creulle De Vil…if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will 🙂
Super cute Minnie Mouse!

And we cannot forget a close up of our clowns…aka…Dr. Domann & Dr. Orfanos!

These doctors love to clown around & create smiles!

Town & Country Orthodontics (TACO) continues to be real in the service that we provide and the way that we care for patients!  We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween from all of us at TACO…no matter how you celebrate or enjoy this day!!


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