“The braces don’t know how old you are”….

This was an actual statement made by our scheduling coordinator in our office several months back and it definitely put a smile on all of our faces when we heard her say it…It really is so true. She is sporting her braces as an adult and is loving it. We love what she represents, especially in a society that is embracing adult orthodontic treatment more and more every day.

It’s funny because so many people link braces to kiddos. Yet, it’s amazing how many adults, young or middle-aged, are trying them out these days. A lot of our parents want to treat their children first as all selfless parents do, but then after that last child’s treatment is complete, they pop into our office for their own consultation. We definitely welcome this trend and try to make it as fun as possible for them. Society has also definitely done a better job these days at doing away with the notion that braces are only for children or adolescents.

Look at Faith Hill….She was 45 when she recently started her orthodontic treatment!


Now don’t get me wrong, we understand that most adults cringe at the thought of having metal braces on when hosting the next dinner party or delivering a presentation at the next board meeting. This is why clear or ceramic braces or even Invisalign are great options for adult orthodontic treatment. It’s a great era in orthodontics since we are capable of enhancing smiles with cosmetic or “invisible” means of doing so.

We at Town and Country Orthodontics understand that adults have different needs and goals for enhancing their smiles. We want to meet those expectations in an ideal but practical way. So don’t ever be intimidated by orthodontic treatment and don’t feel like you are too old for braces, because it’s far from true that braces are only for kids!

Remember…..”The braces don’t know how old you are!”


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