Season of Blessings

The Town & Country Orthodontics team is blessed!  We are a part of the best profession ever!  We have the privilege of creating smiles each and every day!  One of the biggest blessings in our office is our team.  We have the most talented, compassionate, competent, exceptional and fun-loving ladies that you will ever know!  Dr. Domann & Dr. Orfanos are extremely thankful for their TACO team.  Our hearts literally leap for joy…


Continuing with the season of thankfulness, Dr. Carin Domann shares her thoughts on the blessings in her life…

What if your blessings come through raindrops…what if your blessings come through smiles….what if your blessings come through life events!?!  In this season of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the ways in which I am truly blessed.  My faith, my family, my friends and my profession are the things that I hold dear to my heart.  The ways in which I have been impacted by others or have hopefully impacted others makes my life truly blessed.  Of course, I am also thankful for my seasonal pumpkin chai latte!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Town & Country Orthodontics team!


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