‘Tis the Season!

Well this month has been an incredibly fun and busy time for the TACO team! We hosted our annual Holiday luncheon for our referring dental offices, our awesome staff participated in the local community’s Rudolph Run, and both Drs. Carin Domann and Angela Orfanos attended a practice management course in New York City with each other and their spouses. Christmas and the Holiday season is always a fun time of year and we feel that we do it BIG at Town and Country Orthodontics!

The Holiday luncheon was a true success. We had the largest number of guests we have ever had! It’s a tradition for each dental office to get their picture taken with the one and only Santa, and this year, Mrs. Claus even made a guest appearance. Also, everyone that got to come had a chance to spin the famous prize wheel for a take home gift or they could enter to win one of our grand prizes.  And who doesn’t enjoy Tex-Mex food at a Holiday luncheon?!


We always feel so fortunate to work with all of our referring doctors, but this luncheon really signifies that. It’s a chance for everyone to relax and to mingle with one another.  We have a blast hosting it each year!

The team at Town and Country Orthodontics also came out last saturday to participate in the annual Rudolph Fun Run at City Centre. They enjoyed seeing all the people run and got to visit them and their families as they passed by our festive booth.

While the Rudolph Run took place, Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos enjoyed the conference they attended with their spouses in NYC. Getting to attend these practice seminars is just another chance for them to improve what they are already doing….  And being in New York City was a real treat too!


Finally, the TACO team had their own celebration together at their Christmas dinner this past week.  It was a fun evening amongst the TACO team and everyone celebrated the Holiday spirit.


We know that this is a busy time of  year and it’s always important to aknowledge the people around us who make what we do possible. We are truly blessed at TACO to have each other, and to have great relationships with our referring doctors, with our community, and most important, with our patients! We hope every one has a very Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday season!


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