Finish the race…

Dr. Carin Domann finished the Aramco Houston Half Marathon last Sunday.  The Town & Country Orthodontics team is very proud of her!  She had the honor of running for the Cade R. Alpard Foundation.  Way to go Dr. D!

Half Marathon
Dr. Carin Domann & her family after the half marathon!

A race may be one of the best analogies to life itself.  It is not about how fast or how slow but about keeping your eyes on the goal.  A race takes perseverance to train and prepare so that you are ready to show up at any starting line…

ImageAlong the race route of life just as in a marathon, you depend on the volunteers and the fans to keep you motivated, hydrated and energized!

ImageAnd then eventually you make it to your finish line!  What a great feeling of accomplishment!

ImageWhen all is said and done, you look up to see what race is next…and then you keep going!

Let the TACO team know how we can cheer you on and make you smile in your race of life…or your next half marathon or full marathon or whatever great event you choose!

We believe in you!

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!


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