Enamel the Camel

Enamel the Camel once resided on a lonesome dust ridden sale shelf at HomeGoods. Shoppers would walk by her giggling at her yellowing hide, with no question about how she ended up on the sale aisle. We girls at Town & Country Orthodontics always take a gander at the sale items, no matter what store we are hunting for treasures. So by chance, on a day of leisurely shopping, the lonely Camel was discovered. Town & Country Ortho adopted her for a mere $5.00. Her full name is Enamel Camille Camel. She now lives at Town & Country Orthodontics, making her big appearances on Wednesdays, also known as hump day. Now you know the story of Enamel the Camel, and how she came to be our beloved mid-week mascot.


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