Being Green


So you want to be an orthodontic assistant….wonderful!! Take this instrument you’ve only seen in Greys Anatomy, grab these teeny tiny rubber bands with it, and wrap them around all of these brackets that are teeny tiny too. Oh, and don’t be nervous, the patient can sense that. Be sure not to shake…….and don’t pinch the patient……and remember to stay on time by placing the rubber o-rings around all 20 brackets……. in 2 minutes!!



Being a first time orthodontic assistant can be a touch intimidating, but oh how rewarding once you finally “get it.” With that said, we have welcomed a new assistant to our team. Enter Kellie from Cypress.



Look at her, she’s ready to dive into helping create that beautiful arch form and class one occlusion. Hair neatly pulled back, prepared to take a flawless alginate impression. Kellie has been under the wing of our seasoned assistant, Linda. She could throw on a lower permanent retainer with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. Well, not really, but she’s good… really good. And Krista is their wing woman in the clinic area. She gracefully glides throughout the office, keeping patients at ease with her happy smiling face.




Becoming an exceptional orthodontic assistant is no easy feat. It takes patience, problem solving, hand skills, personality, and character. And those are only a few of the things we have to master. With the guidance of our amazing Doctors, and support from our team, we orthodontic assistants play an important role in helping our patients achieve one common goal…. A beautiful smile. 




Keep Smiling!!-the TACO Team



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