Famous Faces with Braces

Braces are no longer a Faux Pa. Braces are simply a way to achieve a beautiful and functional smile. Even famous people wear braces. Dakota Fanning for example, wore a reverse pull headgear with braces for her 2 phase treatment. In the picture below she is showing off her accessory on Jay Leno, back in 2005.


Then there is the gorgeous and talented Faith Hill. Faith was 45 when she got braces.  She showed off a set of clear braces as she walked the red carpet at The Grammy Awards!! She said during an interview that she was sporting braces because she failed to wear her retainer as a child. Let this be a lesson!! Wear your retainer!!


We all love the angelic voice of Beyonce. In the photo below, she wore colors on her brackets to match her outfit!! How fun is that!!


We can’t forget the famous face on The Incredibles. This young lady Kari, baby-sat a laser shooting, fireball baby named Jack. She calmed him down with Mozart. “Who’s ready for some neurological stimulation?”


Town & Country Orthodontics specializes in smiles……Hollywood smiles!!!

Come see us for a complimentary consultation!! 

-The T.A.C.O. team!!


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