Michelin Star Orthodontics

Inside the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, there is a Michelin Star restaurant called Blue. To the foodie, Michelin Star is the holy grail of restaurants. To the restaurant rookie, Michelin is a tire brand. This particular restaurant serves only dinner, utilizing the mid-morning hours prepping for dinner service. As you sit down and start to look over the delicious list of items, you notice there are no prices on the menu, which can mean only one thing……this meal is going to be expensive.


Then, your eyes drift above the menu and you notice something else. Sitting in front of you is the most beautifully polished wine glass you have ever seen. Its noticeably flawless. Not one finger print, not a single smudge. Come to find out, the staff polishes all of the glassware for 5 minutes each in preparation for dinner. The glasses are then examined by the head chef and if one flaw is found, the entire lot is sent back for re-polishing. If this much attention to detail is put into the glassware, can you imagine the thought and care that is put into the cuisine?


The food came, and it was amazing. The presentation and perfection of each item on the tasting menu was worth every penny spent. They even send you away with 4 macaroons beautifully packed in a delightful box.


You are probably wondering what Blue has to do with Town & Country Orthodontics. The two have one thing in common…….attention to detail.

Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos spend a lot of time “prepping” for a patients treatment. Often times meeting with the patients’ dentists to discuss the care for that individual. The materials that are gathered at the initial consultation are used to make a comprehensive treatment plan for that particular patient.


Each tooth on the study model is looked at in determining the best plan for the patients of Town & Country Orthodontics.


Dr. Domann and Dr. Orfanos use the photos that are taken as a tool to improve a patients profile and facial symmetry through the movement of  teeth and jaws. Remember, its not just about straight teeth. The doctors look at you as a whole in order to improve the function of your bite while creating a beautiful smile.


The side x-ray is traced on land marks that are important in making an individualized plan for the patients that come to Town & Country Orthodontics.


Dr.Domann and Dr.Orfanos look at your teeth in millimeters. Now that’s perfection!! Toward the end of treatment, one millimeter is a discrepancy, and it is the goal of Town & Country Orthodontics to achieve the most beautiful smile,1 millimeter at a time.

Town & Country Orthodontics is committed to providing patients with the compassionate and individualized care they come to expect and deserve. Just like the restaurant Blue, our goal is for you to walk away remembering your experience as Michelin Star Orthodontics. From the beginning to end, noticing the attention to detail Town & Country Orthodontics puts into your smile.

TACO-Specializing in Smiles

Blog written by: Samantha Feldman, Marketing Coordinator


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