If You Can’t Eat em’ Cream em’

What?? I can’t tear into apples, peaches or pears carelessly anymore? Thats right. Many of the healthy foods you have grown to love are a lot more difficult to eat with braces on. Not to mention, your teeth are sore at the beginning of treatment. Good thing smoothies are all the rage these days and rightfully so; theres nothing thats more packed full of nutrition.


There are so many foods you can cream into delicious concoctions. You need the proper equipment so you don’t break your mouth equipment. A blender…..The Ninja, NutriBullet, or VitaMix to name a few, are perfect for blending up healthy and creamy smoothies out of the fruits, nuts and seeds that are difficult to chew while in braces. Nuts and seeds are a no, no at Town & Country Orthodontics. Almonds are a great snack but they are notorious for popping brackets and bending wires. But not if they are liquified.


The Ninja NJ600~Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 99.00. Be sure to use a B,B and B coupon for an awesome deal. This product works well if you don’t want to break the bank.


Nutri-Bullet Pro 900~Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 149.99. This is the best bounce for your ounce…..with a cup that holds 32 ounces of delicious goodness, it emulsifies everything from flax seeds to frozen bananas. Its easy to clean and stores nicely. Its also reasonably priced.


Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500~Available at Bed,Bath and Beyond for 379.99 The Vitamix is a bit more expensive but it performs very well. The unit processes food to release all the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables, blends to an incredibly smooth consistency, and saves prep time, because there’s no need to cut ingredients into small pieces since the blender does all the work. How about that!!


So if you’re craving a delicious and juicy apple, don’t eat it, cream it. Cut it up and throw it in your new blender with a handful of spinach, a pear, a banana, a hand full of blueberries, some almond milk and voila….you have an amazingly healthy GREEN smoothy that actually tastes good. If you want to sweeten it up, add a pitless date. Want some extra protein and omegas, add some flax seeds. Trust me….it will be yummo and oh so good for you and your braces. 


T.A.C.O.~Specializing in Smiles. 


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