Smile Your Way to Health

Did you know that straight teeth are easier to clean? Remember to smile your way to health with straight teeth. Not only do you improve the appearance of your smile with braces, you also improve the health of your smile. Town & Country Orthodontics strives to improve every aspect of your smile, and that includes the health of your gums and teeth. We work closely with every patients general dentist in order to maintain a current oral hygiene schedule.   images

Dr. Domann, Dr. Orfanos and the Town & Country Orthodontics Team closely monitor patients during their orthodontic treatment and after when they are in retainers to ensure proper hygiene.


Did you know that crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay? Did you also know that crooked teeth trap more germs that cause bad breath? All of the nooks and crannies that develop in between crooked teeth begin to harbor plaque, tartar and food debris, which make teeth cleaning more difficult. Even the natural cleansing mechanisms by the tongue and our saliva are more effective in and around straight teeth. Often individuals who are proud of their smiles, will take better care of their teeth.


Thus, having a nice smile can improve one’s self image and dental hygiene. If a person undergoes orthodontic treatment, it improves the esthetics as well as the health and function of their teeth. A smile that is attractive is an important asset at any age!




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