What’s in a Smile?

There are a lot of things in a smile. Sometimes its a piece of parsley from that delicious Mediterranean salad you had at lunch. Hopefully you have a wonderful friend that tells you the parsley is hanging out in your pearly whites before you meet with your boss to discuss that promotion. 😉




But really…..whats in a smile? Happiness, joy, laughter, a lifted spirit, a funny joke, hearing a baby giggle, a kiss from your new puppy, getting your braces on, getting your braces off, your new t-ball team…….just to name a few. There are so many things that are in a smile.  And so many others that make us smile.




A smile can change someones day without saying a word. A smile can change your day too. If you’re feeling blue, try flashing a smile at yourself in the mirror. Its amazing the power that something as simple as a smile can have. Town & Country Orthodontics Specializes in Smiles…..Creating beautiful smiles, while making you smile in the process.


Have you smiled today?

~Team T.A.C.O. 

~Town & Country Orthodontics~


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