New Year’s Knock Out!

Celebrating New Year’s is always inspirational and full of hope.


Just as any athlete hopes for a knock out win. We hope your New Year has begun with a bang!


However, if you are one of the unlucky athletes, or non-athletes, who knock out a tooth, try not to panic and remember these steps: T.O.O.T.H.

T. Touch only the tooth crown (biting edge). Do not touch the tooth root.

O. Only reinsert a permanent tooth, not a baby tooth. Rinse and gently reinsert it applying careful pressure.

O. Opt for immersing the tooth in whole milk or water, if you are unable to reinsert it.

T. Time is critical!

H. Head to your dentist or emergency room immediately!

According to the American Dental Association, sports guards are estimated to prevent approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and college football.


Town & Country Orthodontics knows all too well the effects sports injuries can have on patients with braces. Many sports like football require sports guards for participation. Other sports do not require sports guards but can have high incidence of oral trauma making one recommended. Remember, Play hard… keep teeth!


Town & Country Orthodontics

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