Contagious Confidence

People are drawn to a smile! A smile attracts another person’s attention. A smile is contagious and brings joy to those around you.

A smile relieves stress, allowing you to conquer almost any situation. Smiling people seem to be more successful because a bright smile exudes confidence. A positive attitude is the result of smiling. Can you really have a negative thought and keep a smile on your face?

The answer is probably ‘no’ because smiling sends a “life is good” message. A great smile can open many doors throughout a lifetime.


A smile can be a person’s greatest asset! Town & Country Orthodontics (T.A.C.O.) has the privilege of creating smiles!

The office is committed to providing all of their patients with the compassionate and individualized care they have come to expect and deserve. It is their goal to provide the highest quality treatment in a fun and relaxing environment while educating patients on the importance of a smile.

Town & Country Orthodontics is excited about the New Year! Come visit the New Location in Town & Country Village.

Both Docs Pic

Dr. Carin Domann and Dr. Angela Orfanos work together with their T.A.C.O. team to help their patients achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime. This team is ready to enhance your smile for your New Year, New You!

Give yourself a priceless gift this New Year with a wonderful smile!

Town & Country Orthodontics

Cover Photo

~Specializing in Smiles~


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