Forward Thinking

“Dispite the forecast, live like it’s spring.” – Lily Pulitzer


As we embark into this new season of spring, we reflect on thoughts of joy that blessings bring! 


“My family and I are thrilled to introduce our lovely Ainsley Louise Domann. Her smile is so full of love with her cute little dimples. Amazingly, she is already three months old. Oh how time flies! Her brothers, Brooks and Ryne, cannot get enough of their baby sister. We are truly blessed. I am thankful to share my family with the T.A.C.O. family! And finally, in this season of spring, I will be the first to admit that I do not have a green thumb.”

-Dr. Carin Domann


Orfanos Family_1

“The anticipation for this spring is filled with overwhelming joy! We are expecting another baby in May. Madeline will be the sweetest big sister. She makes our hearts smile and life is so much fun with her. John and I are so excited to see our family grow. I look forward to introducing our new little one to our patients and their families. I am excited for the flowers to bloom and family days at the park.”

-Dr. Angela Orfanos


Here’s a little more fun information as we jump into spring…many of us have not put away our coats and scarves just yet, but the T.A.C.O. team is looking forward to warmer weather and sunshine. Our doctors have already started 2015 with a continuing education course about ways to grow in excellence and improve the way that we create smiles! Spring is a time for growth and new hope. Let’s all stop and smell the roses this spring!

Town & Country Orthodontics

~Specializing in Smiles~


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