Forget Me Not

Do you ever feel though you are losing your mind or the day slips right through your fingers? Some may say it’s due to the fast life that most live now, with all the different hats that are to be worn. No one really knows the answer to this but I can provide you with some simple tips that my help… 1. Use a calendar always, nothing fancy needed. You can use your phone calendar or the more traditional paper calendar.  Or if you are more tech savvy there are an abundance of apps available to meet your needs. 2. Create a TO-DO list, it may sound silly but it really works. You decide how detailed you would like your list to be. For myself, I list them in order that they should be done and try to give each item a time limit. 3. Using a shopping list is a BIG help as well.  It ensures that you purchased all items that are needed vs wanted and it also helps prevent over spending. Something I like to do is to categories my list by departments. This allows me to get in and out of the store fast and use my time wisely.


Here at Town and Country Orthodontics we value your time and your child’s time. For your convenience we can help you remember your appointments as simple as receiving a text message from our office. Texting is our newest addition for reminders, as well as continuing to send emails. Either way, we are always here to help make your day a little easier!


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