Summer Lovin: Food Edition

If you know me then it is no secret that I am in a committed, long term relationship with delicious food. Sorry Thor but I am

Easy feta dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything
Easy feta dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything

taken! Not just any old food, but fresh, flavorful, eye popping concoctions that rob the words right out of your mouth. The less my brain can process, the better the food. But like every relationship we have our ups and downs, especially during the sticky, heavy summer months. Trust me, baked brie drizzled in cranberry reduction loses it’s appeal once you’ve eaten half of it by yourself and you can’t even roll back over onto the pool float. So how do you continue your torrid love affair with Top Chef worthy plates while also trying to save time and room in your swim wear? Well, you can keep reading for starters! I’ve taken the liberty of scouring Pinterest in search of my favorite recipes that are a sure way to beat the heat and the clock. Don’t worry, they’re also kid friendly! Although some are so delicious I wouldn’t blame you for lying and telling them it’s full of nothing but beets and legumes.

Let’s start with appetizers, shall we? A good performer never takes the stage without a decent warm up and your meals should be no different. Christy over at the amazing The Girl Who Ate Everything blog has a dip recipe that is absolutely to die for. Fast, easy, nutritious, delicious, I cannot say no to her easy feta dip. A quick way to lighten up the dish for summer is to substitute pita chips for the sliced baguette, save time and tummy space (main course is next!).

Cucumber, strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing from The Housewife in Training Files
Cucumber, strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing from The Housewife in Training Files

When I picture my ideal dinner experience I imagine myself basking in the last rays of sunlight on my perfectly bohemian patio, watching as the clear, cerulean tide makes it’s way back out to sea. In the middle of the table will be a glass bowl full of this next salad and I won’t even feel guilty when I eat nearly half of it because it’s uber healthy and deliciously fresh. Cucumbers, strawberries, feta, and poppyseeds might seem like an unlikely team, but I promise that they are throwing the party of the century and your mouth is hosting it. And this mouth party is only just getting started.

Salad is great, salad is good, but salad is not dinner food. Let’s step this dinner up and throw some protien in the mix. One of my favorite food blogs is Crème De La Crumb, I

Baked salmon with avocado cream sauce from Le Creme De La Crumb
Baked salmon with avocado cream sauce from Le Creme De La Crumb

could spend all day drooling over the recipes and the gorgeous photos. Did you know food could be gorgeous? I didn’t, then I found Crème De La Crumb and suddenly found myself wishing I could be a steak kabob. I digress, let’s talk about salmon. Baked salmon drizzled with creamy avocado sauce, to be exact. With a 10 minute prep time and 20 minute cook time it is the perfect meal to whip together after a long day at the beach or splashing around in the backyard pool. Pair it with some steamed asparagas, brown rice, or cauliflower to round out the meal.

Now for the grand finale, the big schabang, sweet mother of all things delicious: dessert. Dessert can go two ways: so yummy that you want to eat it all, or so yummy that you can only eat a few bites because you physically cannot handle eating something so amazing without keeling over into a dessert coma. Berry lemonade popsicles are the perfect summer treat, mostly because you can eat as many as you want and not worry too much about struggling to climb up the stairs. The only drawback to berry lemonade ice pops is the freeze time, 4-5 hours is reccommended so pop these in the freezer asap for maximum popsicle eating.

Berry lemonade popsicles from Le Creme De La Crumb
Berry lemonade popsicles from Le Creme De La Crumb

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened and seat backs in the upright position. We will be landing in Deliciousville, Dessertland in 3…2…1…

I present to you, matcha white chocolate ganache over rich chocolate cake. Heaven was invented solely so this cake could live for eternity as a delicious beacon of hope for the people who have only ever known a stale Chips A’hoy. Maybe it’s my inner Nickelodeon kid that still yearns to be drenched in galloons of green slime, but this cake is so beautiful that I hung a framed picture above my bed at home. Despite it’s elegant and refined appearance the ganache is surprisingly easy to make. Obviously the prep time is going to be just a tad longer than with the berry popsicles, but it’s totally worth it. This cake is perfect for any time of year but the green tea flavors really stand out with a fresh yet sweet kick. Perfect for a party, or all for yourself, this is a judge free zone. Bon apetit!


Jillian and the T.A.C.O. Team

White chocolate matcha ganache from My Name is Yeh
Extra large white chocolate matcha ganache from My Name is Yeh

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