Adult Braces: The Metal, The Myth, The Legend

When I was in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade there was nothing I wanted more than gloriously shiny, silver braces. That’s saying a lot for a kid who cried when her Hogwarts letter “got lost” in the mail. Eventually my burning desire for braces subsided and I went about my life brace free, yet slightly empty inside. Which is why when I was presented with the opportunity for braces as an adult I jumped at the chance. Highest I’ve ever jumped in fact, it was a very exciting moment.

“I jumped this high!”

Not everyone literally jumps for joy at the thought of having a metal mouth, especially not adults. Braces are okay if you’re an awkward teen, navigating through the clouds of axe body spray that billow down the hallways of the local junior high. But adult braces? Yeah right, do you also want me to have Mt. Vesuvius and all his pimply friends take up residence on my face again?

Adult braces aren’t the monster hiding under your bed, they’re not even that innocently terrifying voicemail icon bouncing up

If Amy Poehler can look cool in headgear, so can you!
If Amy Poehler can look cool in headgear, so can you!

and down at the top of your phone screen. Adult braces are, dare I say, enjoyable! I must be cuckoo for cocoa puffs, a total fruit loop, as if the whole Hogwarts letter meltdown didn’t already give that away. Really though, going through orthodontic treatment in your later years is an accomplishment that you can’t really appreciate when your number one priority is if your brows are on fleek. Watching your teeth move, watching your smile improve, and knowing that you are a part of your changing smile is surprisingly fulfilling!

Maybe it’s because when we’re young we haven’t really learned to appreciate our amazing body and all of the crazy cool things it can do. Braces are tough, your mom’s way of conspiring with your orthodontist as payback for all those times you ate her fancy chocolates and lied about it. Adult braces, however, are exactly the opposite of that. They are an accomplishment, something to be proud of and something that you have worked day and night to achieve. Your newly aligned teeth aren’t for your parents, your orthodontist, or even your spouse. They are entirely your own.


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