Town & Country Orthodontics was established in 2009.  Dr. Carin Domann’s dream has always been to care for others…now she and her team care for others by creating amazing smiles!  Orthodontics gives her a way to impact lives in multiple ways.  She started her practice near where she lives and plays.  Her desire was and is to be an active part of her family and her community.  She is humbled and blessed that the current location has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.  Town & Country Orthodontics now has a specialized team of two doctors,  Dr. Carin Domann & Dr. Angela Orfanos.  One may be an Aggie and the other a Longhorn, but they have trained together and have similar treatment philosophies.  Patient care is consistent at every appointment.  Dr. Angela Orfanos believes in the original vision of TACO (Town And Country Orthodontics) and enhances the practice’s ability to serve others.  The Doctors collaborate on every patient case and discuss options for the best treatment.  Their patient families are wonderful too and they brag about their patients all of the time!  Drs. Domann & Orfanos consider it an absolute privilege to be in the dental profession.  TACO strives to be the best at what they do and is always looking for ways to be even better.  Town & Country Orthodontics specialize in smiles and has your smile at the heart of all that they do!


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