It’s Turkey Lurkey Time!

A few years ago I was content to lounge around in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t say that there were no thoughts of food, I’m always thinking about food, but I didn’t put any thought intoThanksgiving dinner or how it magically appeared, cooked and ready in front of me. My mom made dinner, she always did and she always would. Until one day my sister decided that she was going to plan dinner. Me, being the attention seeker that I am, couldn’t let her take all the glory and so, for the first time in my life, I contemplated being a productive member of the Despard family. Thanksgiving here I come!

It’s Turkey Lurkey time!

This sudden interest in making Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t all about the fame and glory. To be honest (jeez I hope my mom isn’t reading this), I was kind of getting tired of the same old boring Thanksgiving meal that my mom would make (it was delicious, I swear!). I needed to spice up my yearly gluttonous foray into the world of amateur competitive eating, make things a little more interesting than stuffing and green beans.

So,like anyone masquerading as a responsible adult, I hit Pinterest. And boy oh boy did Pinterest hit back! I stumbled upon a Thanksgiving gold mine and immediately I was lost in visions of being heralded as a Thanksgiving Queen, slow waving to the people as strapping pilgrims carry me through the streets on an antique serving platter.


Since I am a generous Thanksgiving Queen I have compiled a list of recipes that pack the most punch, the ones sure to have everyone at the table singing your magical Thanksgiving praises. Let’s start with some appetizers, shall we?

Baked Brie with Balsamic Rosemary Cranberry Sauce. Y’all. Proceed with caution. Maybe split up the leftovers (if there are any!) amongst your guests because I promise that if you don’t, you will finish this whole delight all on your own. This comes from experience. On two separate occasions. Let me remind you that this is a judge free zone and if I didn’t eat it, it would have gone to waste.DSC_0014_edited-1-1024x682

Chipotle Stuffed Mushrooms. These are a tad time consuming but totally worth it. I found that the best way to handle these mushrooms is to prep prep prep! Make everything the day before and pop them in the fridge until you’re ready to bake, voila!


Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. Don’t let the picture fool you, these are no stuffed mushrooms! Okay, obviously not but what I meant by that was while this dish might look time consuming, it really takes no time at all. One trick I learned is to group the asparagus into clusters of two or three rather than wrapping each stalk individually.DIY-Finger-Foods-Prosciutto-Asparagus-1

Bourbon bacon whipped sweet potatoes. I may be alone here but I absolutely DESPISE mashed potatoes. Something about the grey, flavorless mushy chunks just doesn’t appeal to me. It could have been the week in college where the only thing I ate was mashed potatoes with ketchup, but that’s neither here nor there.

Braised Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Brussels sprouts are not the most popular vegetable in the world but I feel that it is my duty as the self-appointed Thanksgiving Queen to change the way the world sees my favorite sprout. Give this recipe a shot and I promise that you will be permanently moving Brussels sprouts into your crisping drawer.

Enter a caption

There are two things you might notice when reading this post. 1. Pinterest is very fond of bacon and 2. Where’s the turkey?! I purposely left turkey off of this list because quite simply, I’ve never cooked it before. It wouldn’t be fair for me to advocate a recipe that, for all I know, could turn that turkey into a lump of brined cinnamon mush.

The beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is the tradition. Do you have a recipe that your family swears by? Share it with us! Post your favorite recipe to our Facebook wall, on our Instagram, or even leave it in the comments below! You never know when you’ll find that one recipe to make this Thanksgiving your best one yet. both_hands

So where can you find all these delicious recipes? Just follow the links below!

Baked brie with balsamic rosemary cranberry sauce from Sarcastic Cooking

Chipotle stuffed mushrooms from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus from Eat Drink Paleo

Bourbon bacon whipped sweet potatoes from How Sweet It Is

Braised brussels sprouts with bacon from Simply-Delicious-Food



Trick or Treat Your Way to a Candy Buy Back

Halloween is right around the corner! There are plenty of cool costumes to see as you walk around your neighborhood, going door to door ringing doorbells and calling “trick or treat!”. You may want to be careful with the candy that you eat, especially if you have braces! You definitely don’t want a poking wire or a loose bracket! Here are some candies that your braces will be Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.18.57 PMhorrified to meet: Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy, Butterfingers, Jawbreakers, and Milk Duds, to name a few. If you have braces and plan on going trick or treating you might want to stay away from sticky, chewy, and hard candy.

So what do you do with all that leftover “bad” candy? Instead of throwing it all out, why not donate it? This year Dr. Wendy Swantkowski and the team at Town & Country Orthodontics are hosting a candy buy back to benefit Operation Gratitude and Family Point Resources. We couldn’t be more excited to help! On November 4th join us with Dr. Swantkowski and donate all of your leftover candy! For each pound donated, Dr. Swantkowski and the Team at Town & Country Orthodontics will match with $1, which will then be donated to the Family Point Resources. Family Point Resources is an organization dedicated to empowering children who live in poverty. You will also receive one raffle ticket for each pound that you donate to be entered in a drawing to win come cool prizes, like an iPad!

So, what do we do with all of the candy that we collect? That candy gets boxed up and shipped to our troops overseas through the organization Operation Gratitude. There will also be a card making station so you can create a special message for each box. But what if you can’t make it to the event at Dr. Swantkowski’s office? There will also be a donation box in the T.A.C.O. office from November 2nd-November 5th. Please stop on by and donate all those leftover sweets! Good cause, good company, and good fun!

Confession: I love Homecoming

Confession: I love homecoming. I love the giant mums, with their giant shiny ribbons and their giant clanging bells. I love the tension in the halls; will the boy I’ve never even spoken to, but loved from afar, finally realize his deep, everlasting love for me and ask me to be his date? Will anyone ask me? (That answer was a resounding NO). I love the pep rallies, I love screaming excitedly at the sky and cheering for football games I otherwise cared nothing about. Most of all, I love spending hours getting jazzed up in my fancy Camille dress, standing with my friends in a teetering row as we struggle to pose and stay upright at the

No, I didn't take my brother to Homecoming. Not even he would go with me.
No, I didn’t take my brother to Homecoming. Not even he would go with me.

same time, and laughing as our hips bump while we try to whip and nae nae (more like the Macarena but I’m trying to be hip and cool here, ya dig?).

What I regret about homecoming was that at the time, I didn’t realize how much I loved it. I let myself get swept away in the agonies of buying an out of season sale dress, of having to ride in my parents white conversion van while my mom and her friends hung out the window singing along to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”, and worst of all, the absolute horror of being forced to after party with my mom and her friends, who still hadn’t moved on from “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

With homecoming season once again upon us, I’m seeing this same script acted out everywhere and it’s hard for me to watch. I wish that I could hug the girls who didn’t get asked and tell them how much more fun they will have dancing wildly with their closest girl friends. I wish I could unfurl the sweaty, knotted fists that hover centimeters away from their dates nervous palms in a dangerous, dangling anxiety. I wish I could tell them all that the night will be okay, it will be fun, and I wish that they would listen.

Homecoming doesn’t have to be this huge, overblown event. Homecoming is magical for all of the moments that you don’t meticulously plan. The moment you share a smile with your mom as you all awkwardly pose with backyard shrubbery, or the quick flash of ice through your veins when your crush bumps your elbow at the punch table. There is nothing more beautiful than the wild laughter of youth, as it spins and turns in swirls of tulle and silk across a dance floor that never ends.

In this photo you can see a representation every single emotion of a high school student. Also, all the bad fashion from the mid '00's.
In this photo you can see a representation every single emotion of a high school student. Also, all the bad fashion from the mid ’00’s. Fellow on the far left gets our Most Enthusiastic award.

Be a Star of Hope

It’s easy to be unaware of how privileged we are. I have always had a bed to sleep in so in turn, I’ve never been grateful for my bed. I’ve never fully appreciated what a luxury it is to have even the barest bed essentials. The sad reality is, my experience is far from the norm for some. Homelessness is an epidemic that doesn’t just effect men, there are thousands of homeleswomen and children who have never had a warm, clean bed to sleep in at night.

Our great city of Houston is full of organizations and groups who fight for a better life for our cities homeless, and one of those groups is very special to our T.A.C.O. hearts. The Star of Hope community is dedicated to not only providing shelter and safety to the homeless of Houston, they are also dedicated to empowering their community through positive, structured programs. The old “teach a man to fish” adage. Programs focused on education, life management, recovery, and growth work to end the cycle of homelessness, rather than placate it.

This fall, Town & Country Orthodontics will be supporting Star of Hope and doing our best to make our Houston community a better place. There are so many different opportunities to give back through Star of Hope and we hope that you will join us on our journey.

So, how can you help? The official Star of Hope website is full of volunteer information, if I were to list them all here we’d be reading this blog until Christmas (fun for me, maybe not so fun for you). Individuals, groups, organizations, there are volunteer opportunities for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved, some of which don’t even require you to leave your home. Notes of encouragement are my personal favorite, who doesn’t like a nice note every morning telling you how awesome you
are? There’s no age limit on volunteering either. Younger kids can take part in the blessed breakfasts and teens can host their own events, art class, pizza parties, field day, or even host a class on their own hobby. Virtual volunteers are the perfect way to give back while juggling your busy fall schedule. The list goes on and on!

So, how are we helping? The T.A.C.O. team is committed to not only raising awareness, but also contributing in any way that we can. Our fall contest, Be A Star of Hope, is going to challenge our patients be stars of hope in their community by earning points through good deeds. Each good deed must be documented with a photo and each good deed is worth one point. If you do a good deed while wearing your T.A.C.O. shirt you get DOUBLE points. Patients who earn 5 points or more will be entered into a raffle and are eligible to win a brand new Kindle Fire. How can you pass up that prize! You can also earn points by bringing donation items to the T.A.C.O. office. We’ll be collecting donations throughout the holiday season so there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn those points!

This is what America's homeless look like.
This is what America’s homeless look like.

Be sure to visit for more information on what you can do to help your city. We really hope that you will join us as we raise awareness about Star of Hope and we work to help our community build better lives. As Anne Frank once said, no one ever became poor from giving.

Adult Braces: The Metal, The Myth, The Legend

When I was in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade there was nothing I wanted more than gloriously shiny, silver braces. That’s saying a lot for a kid who cried when her Hogwarts letter “got lost” in the mail. Eventually my burning desire for braces subsided and I went about my life brace free, yet slightly empty inside. Which is why when I was presented with the opportunity for braces as an adult I jumped at the chance. Highest I’ve ever jumped in fact, it was a very exciting moment.

“I jumped this high!”

Not everyone literally jumps for joy at the thought of having a metal mouth, especially not adults. Braces are okay if you’re an awkward teen, navigating through the clouds of axe body spray that billow down the hallways of the local junior high. But adult braces? Yeah right, do you also want me to have Mt. Vesuvius and all his pimply friends take up residence on my face again?

Adult braces aren’t the monster hiding under your bed, they’re not even that innocently terrifying voicemail icon bouncing up

If Amy Poehler can look cool in headgear, so can you!
If Amy Poehler can look cool in headgear, so can you!

and down at the top of your phone screen. Adult braces are, dare I say, enjoyable! I must be cuckoo for cocoa puffs, a total fruit loop, as if the whole Hogwarts letter meltdown didn’t already give that away. Really though, going through orthodontic treatment in your later years is an accomplishment that you can’t really appreciate when your number one priority is if your brows are on fleek. Watching your teeth move, watching your smile improve, and knowing that you are a part of your changing smile is surprisingly fulfilling!

Maybe it’s because when we’re young we haven’t really learned to appreciate our amazing body and all of the crazy cool things it can do. Braces are tough, your mom’s way of conspiring with your orthodontist as payback for all those times you ate her fancy chocolates and lied about it. Adult braces, however, are exactly the opposite of that. They are an accomplishment, something to be proud of and something that you have worked day and night to achieve. Your newly aligned teeth aren’t for your parents, your orthodontist, or even your spouse. They are entirely your own.


Summer Lovin: Food Edition

If you know me then it is no secret that I am in a committed, long term relationship with delicious food. Sorry Thor but I am

Easy feta dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything
Easy feta dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything

taken! Not just any old food, but fresh, flavorful, eye popping concoctions that rob the words right out of your mouth. The less my brain can process, the better the food. But like every relationship we have our ups and downs, especially during the sticky, heavy summer months. Trust me, baked brie drizzled in cranberry reduction loses it’s appeal once you’ve eaten half of it by yourself and you can’t even roll back over onto the pool float. So how do you continue your torrid love affair with Top Chef worthy plates while also trying to save time and room in your swim wear? Well, you can keep reading for starters! I’ve taken the liberty of scouring Pinterest in search of my favorite recipes that are a sure way to beat the heat and the clock. Don’t worry, they’re also kid friendly! Although some are so delicious I wouldn’t blame you for lying and telling them it’s full of nothing but beets and legumes.

Let’s start with appetizers, shall we? A good performer never takes the stage without a decent warm up and your meals should be no different. Christy over at the amazing The Girl Who Ate Everything blog has a dip recipe that is absolutely to die for. Fast, easy, nutritious, delicious, I cannot say no to her easy feta dip. A quick way to lighten up the dish for summer is to substitute pita chips for the sliced baguette, save time and tummy space (main course is next!).

Cucumber, strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing from The Housewife in Training Files
Cucumber, strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing from The Housewife in Training Files

When I picture my ideal dinner experience I imagine myself basking in the last rays of sunlight on my perfectly bohemian patio, watching as the clear, cerulean tide makes it’s way back out to sea. In the middle of the table will be a glass bowl full of this next salad and I won’t even feel guilty when I eat nearly half of it because it’s uber healthy and deliciously fresh. Cucumbers, strawberries, feta, and poppyseeds might seem like an unlikely team, but I promise that they are throwing the party of the century and your mouth is hosting it. And this mouth party is only just getting started.

Salad is great, salad is good, but salad is not dinner food. Let’s step this dinner up and throw some protien in the mix. One of my favorite food blogs is Crème De La Crumb, I

Baked salmon with avocado cream sauce from Le Creme De La Crumb
Baked salmon with avocado cream sauce from Le Creme De La Crumb

could spend all day drooling over the recipes and the gorgeous photos. Did you know food could be gorgeous? I didn’t, then I found Crème De La Crumb and suddenly found myself wishing I could be a steak kabob. I digress, let’s talk about salmon. Baked salmon drizzled with creamy avocado sauce, to be exact. With a 10 minute prep time and 20 minute cook time it is the perfect meal to whip together after a long day at the beach or splashing around in the backyard pool. Pair it with some steamed asparagas, brown rice, or cauliflower to round out the meal.

Now for the grand finale, the big schabang, sweet mother of all things delicious: dessert. Dessert can go two ways: so yummy that you want to eat it all, or so yummy that you can only eat a few bites because you physically cannot handle eating something so amazing without keeling over into a dessert coma. Berry lemonade popsicles are the perfect summer treat, mostly because you can eat as many as you want and not worry too much about struggling to climb up the stairs. The only drawback to berry lemonade ice pops is the freeze time, 4-5 hours is reccommended so pop these in the freezer asap for maximum popsicle eating.

Berry lemonade popsicles from Le Creme De La Crumb
Berry lemonade popsicles from Le Creme De La Crumb

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened and seat backs in the upright position. We will be landing in Deliciousville, Dessertland in 3…2…1…

I present to you, matcha white chocolate ganache over rich chocolate cake. Heaven was invented solely so this cake could live for eternity as a delicious beacon of hope for the people who have only ever known a stale Chips A’hoy. Maybe it’s my inner Nickelodeon kid that still yearns to be drenched in galloons of green slime, but this cake is so beautiful that I hung a framed picture above my bed at home. Despite it’s elegant and refined appearance the ganache is surprisingly easy to make. Obviously the prep time is going to be just a tad longer than with the berry popsicles, but it’s totally worth it. This cake is perfect for any time of year but the green tea flavors really stand out with a fresh yet sweet kick. Perfect for a party, or all for yourself, this is a judge free zone. Bon apetit!


Jillian and the T.A.C.O. Team

White chocolate matcha ganache from My Name is Yeh
Extra large white chocolate matcha ganache from My Name is Yeh

Brace Yourself for Summer Hygiene Habits

Summer. The time for cool slices of watermelon, backflips off the diving board, and intense neighborhood wide games of capture the flag. Summer. The time for kids to throw their hygiene out the window with their old textbooks and report cards.

Run away before Mom sees the report card!

One summer, a few years ago, I remember my Mom suddenly interrupting a conversation with my brother, her nose wrinkled and her mouth twisted into a grimace. “When is the last time you brushed your teeth?” she asked cautiously as she slowly backed away from my brother and his offensive mouth odors. “I don’t know”, he shrugged, “last day of school maybe”. I forgot to mention, this story takes place in July.

My stinky little narrative might sound terrifyingly familiar to some of you. Summer can mean hard times for braces care and hygiene. Humans are creatures of habit and unfortunately, sometimes it is all too easy for us to break those brushing habits we worked all year to make. So how do you motivate kiddos to pick up the floss before they run out the door to the pool? Check out some of our tips below, they might be a breath of fresh air!

Check out my cool backyard pool.
  1. Turn brushing into a game

When you turn a task into a game, even the most dreaded chores become an exciting adventure your kids can’t wait to embark on. Set up a small hourglass in the bathroom and challenge your kids to a race, but instead of finishing before the hourglass runs outs they must finish after the time is up.

  1. Set up a points system

Even as an adult I love to earn points for succeeding at a task. It makes me feel accomplished and I walk away feeling proud of myself, even if the points don’t lead to a tangible reward. Points and point goals can be used to encourage all good hygiene and braces care habits. Wear your elastics all day? One point for you! Wear your Invisalign trays for the recommended 22 hours? Four points for you! Just the feeling of earning points for succeeding is motivation enough, but I’m sure your kiddos wouldn’t mind if you threw in a snowcone for reaching point goals.

Turn your bathroom into a friendlier Jurassic Park. No raptors allowed!
  1. Let them choose their own brushing items

Nothing makes a child feel more proud than letting them pick out their very own toothbrush. Having something that is theirs, chosen by them, and only touched by them can help inspire responsibility, accountability, and a new enthusiasm for using the item.

  1. Lead by example

Children are tiny little sponges that absorb every little bit of information that comes their way. What better way to motivate your child’s good hygiene practices than by leading by example. Brushing and flossing with your kiddos every morning is not only a great way to encourage good hygiene, it also gives you those few extra minutes to hang out together before the day gets too busy. At night, it’s a nice way to unwind together and reflect on the action packed summer day you all just enjoyed.

Can you tell this is Peyton's favorite part of the day?
Can you tell this is Peyton’s favorite part of the day?

So what happens if you have tried absolutely everything and your child is still struggling with hygiene? Well, you can always tell them that their teeth will rot and fall out if they don’t brush. Or they will be in braces forever! The decision is yours.

Meet and Greet: New Employee Spotlight

Introductions can be pretty awkward sometimes, especially over the internet. It’s hard to tell who someone truly is and what kind of person they are when we are all hiding behind a standard 12-point font. So, I will do my best to share who I am with you guys in a way that feels like we already know each other. In fact, we’ve known each other for years!

On Monday I started my first day of work as an official Town and Country Orthodontics employee. To be honest, I thought I had made a mistake when I first walked into the office. Orthodontic offices are supposed to be utterly terrifying, they’re pretty much legal torture chambers. Which is why I almost did an embarrassed 180 ° back into the hallway when I walked through those blue glass front doors for the first time. It was like stepping into an alternate orthodontic universe where the office looks like a Caribbean spa retreat and the assistants treat you like the family members they actually like. Without a doubt I am thrilled to be a part of the T.A.C.O Team and even though it has only been three days, I feel like I’ve been here forever.

The T.A.C.O. Belles
The T.A.C.O. Belles

So, the next time you come into our office and see a strange face, that’s me! Hi hello my name is Jillian and it is a pleasure to meet you! I stay tucked away in the little cubby right behind the front desk, I’m pretty easy to spot because I have absolutely covered my desk in nearly a thousand neon post it notes. The next time you’re in the office stop by and say hello! Seeing as we’re going to be spending a lot of time together throughout your treatment we might as well be friends, ammirite? Here are a few fun facts about me to get us better acquainted before we meet in person at the office.

Backyard photo shoots are her favorite.
Kevin likes to model in her spare time. Backyard photo shoots are her favorite.

I am the oldest of six children and both of my parent’s favorite child, despite what my siblings might tell you.

I have a lady Chihuahua named Kevin who I adopted from Craigslist. Before you ask I did not name her that, her previous owners did. Yes, they named her after Kevin from Up, although my Kevin looks more like a potato than a Snipe.

One summer I spent a few weeks teaching 4th grade Science in the Dominican Republic as a study abroad program. The students and I made up a super cool rap called Global Warming and it was #1 on the radio for 6 weeks. Ok, that last part might not be 100% true but a girl can dream.

I do not have a favorite food because I love all food equally and with all of my heart. Although, I am very fond of cheese, even the orange cheese that comes in a can.

My family has a giggling problem. We can’t do anything without giggling at each other or at ourselves. My parents used to hold contests to see who could complete a task without giggling. None of us ever even finished the tasks. It’s hard to breathe and giggle at the same time, ok?

My favorite thing to do in the whole entire world is laugh and to make others laugh. There is something about laughter that is infectious and healing. Having a bad day? Repeat “hehe hoho” over and over again until you feel better. I guarantee you won’t make it past the third round before the words turn into giggles and laughter. There is nothing like laughing with your friends or family, the kind of laugh where you can’t even open your eyes and your face hurts from the wide smile your mouth can’t break. That laughter is one of the reasons I already love working at Town and Country Orthodontics. Even though I only started on Monday it feels like I have spent 85% of my time laughing with the ladies in the office. With such positive, happy people and a calming yet vibrant atmosphere it’s hard to believe that the T.A.C.O office isn’t a luxurious spa retreat.

I think my brother forgot how to smile.
I think my brother forgot how to smile.

Now that I’ve talked (or typed) your ear off, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled web surfing. I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you as you move through your orthodontic treatment and I hope to share lots of laughter and smiles with everyone in the future.

As Oscar Wilde said, “Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one”.

Take me out to the Ballgame

Did you know that our highest sport related injury that we see in our office comes from Baseball?

 Brooks # 2

America’s all time beloved sport; bring your lawn chairs and peanuts!  We love to watch our children play tee ball, coach pitch, fast pitch and make the draw for a select team.  The memories we make watching home runs, stealing bases and the pitcher with a Perfect Game are priceless. Many scrapbooks will be made and some injuries may occur. So, it is very important  to consider a mouthguard while playing this great sport.

How do you protect tooth injury form a line drive or an amazing fast pitch?  First, start with using a mouthguard. Mouthguard’s can be purchased from your local sports store and also custom made from your Dentist or Orthodonitst.  While in braces make sure you are using a special mouthguard made just for braces.

If you happen to be in braces, you’re in luck because braces and wires will help your tooth from fallen out completely.  Your tooth may be very mobile but stays attached to your bracket. If your mouth took the brunt force from a ball or bat immediately contact your Orthodontist.  She will give you the proper instructions that best suite your case.

If your tooth happens to come out completely follow these steps from the              American Association of Endodontists:

Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth 

  1. Pick up tooth by the crown (the chewing surface) not the root.

Locate the tooth immediately; do not leave it at the site of the accident. The tooth               should be handled carefully — touch only the crown — to minimize injury to the root.

  1. If dirty, gently rinse tooth with water.
  • Do not use soap or chemicals.
  • Do not scrub the tooth.
  • Do not dry the tooth.
  • Do not wrap it in a tissue or cloth.
  1. Reposition tooth in socket immediately, if possible.  

The sooner the tooth is replaced, the greater the likelihood it will survive. To reinsert, carefully push the tooth into the socket with fingers, or position above the socket and close mouth slowly. Hold the tooth in place with fingers or by gently biting down on it.

  1. Keep tooth moist at all times.

The tooth must not be left outside the mouth to dry. If it cannot be replaced in the socket, put it in one of the following:

  • Emergency tooth preservation kit (such as Save-a-Tooth®)
  • Milk
  • Mouth (next to cheek)

Regular tap water is not recommended for long-term storage because the root surface cells do not tolerate water for long periods of time.

  1. Call your dentist within 30 minutes.  

Bring the tooth to a dentist or endodontist as soon as possible — ideally, within 30 minutes. However, it is possible to save the tooth even if it has been outside the mouth for an hour or more.

Have fun this spring playing baseball; If you need a mouthguard don’t forget to let us know.     GO ASTROS!